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About Ferry

Ferry is a command-line tool rubygem designed for data migrations and manipulation, maintained as an open-source project by the students of Carnegie Mellon's Information Systems department since August 2014. The inspiration for Ferry was kindled from collective internship experiences and from the growing prevalence of big data migration and manipulation challenges that companies, corporations, universities, and organizations face in today's information age. A large thanks in part to CustomInk's Technology Team and their blog articles for advice and guidance during the first semester (Fall 2014) of development.

What can I use Ferry for?

See the ferry_demo for some extra documentation and sample use cases of using Ferry!

Community Interaction & Engagement

We are proud to be acquainted with CustomInk Tech for advice on Ferry's developent for code review, user testing, and feature suggestions.

Some of our community goals entail ...

  1. Having Ferry included in a large production product, site, or system that is outside of the Carnegie Mellon Information Systems department.
  2. Have Ferry forked by multiple users once open-sourced.
  3. Continue to have the students of the Carnegie Mellon Information Systems department develop Ferry in the future to provide lasting value and increase visibility of the CMU IS program in the professional and open-source community.

Documentation & Support

The easiest way to contribute and learn how to use Ferry is to fork the code at our GitHub repo and start hacking along with us. Feel free to post issues and PR's as frequently as you like. Detailed documentation about how ferry works can be found in Ferry's readme.

If you have any questions, thoughts, concerns or feedback, please don't hesitate to email us; Anthony Corletti, Logan Watanabe, or our project advisor Professor Larry Heimann.